So you quit your jobs?

Jason and I are off tomorrow for our long-awaited honeymoon around the world! We have saved up our money, quit our jobs, enjoyed the holidays with our families, and the first stop is Auckland, New Zealand. We will update the blog periodically with pictures from our travels. The primary question that is on everyone’s mind is… HOW DO YOU PACK for a trip like this? Due to his lack of faith in the airlines, Jason (rightly) decided that carry on luggage was the way to go. This means one bag for each of us (Minaal brand bag) and a purse for me (Jason decided to forgo the purse). Below is a link to a video that shows all of the things that we fit inside. Below the video is a list of most of the things that went in there. Jason is a master at packing the bag and I am a novice, but I’m pretty sure I’ll move up in the ranks pretty quickly, since we will be packing and unpacking every few days. Thank you to all of our family, friends, former coworkers, and students who have been so supportive!

Linsey’s Minaal Pack:

2 pants

1 pair of shorts

4 hairbands

6 shirts

1 dress

1 long sleeved shirt

1 jacket

1 rain jacket


Quick dry towel

Bathing suit

2 pairs of shoes

1 pair of flip flops

Toiletry kit with personal items

3 packing cubes



Water bottle

Curling rod

A LOT of Chapstick and Carmex

Jason’s Minaal Pack:

1 pair pants

2 shorts

swim trunks


quick dry towel

empty day pack

3 packing cubes

2 pairs of shoes

1 pair of flip flops

6 shirts

1 long sleeved shirt

1 hoodie

rain coat


Go Pro pole and accessories

Go Pro



sewing kit



duck tape

camera battery

water bottle

external hard drive